Slips and Sweaters

How do we transition gracefully into fall?

Keep it simple. Find a silky slip and throw on a sweater. I think its evident that we both like monochromatic looks. Whatever the colour of your slip dress is, find a sweater in the same colour family. If your sweater is too loose on the bottom like D’s, tie it up on the side to produce a flattering silhouette. Try pairing it with a hat like D did (cowboy inspired—super chic right now). If you like a simpler look like A, no worries, try a pop of colour on the shoe.

Explore Granville Island Market for some coffee, fresh food, crisp weather and botanicals. Before we popped by the Origo Club for high tea and chit chat. This is a great option for an elegant cup of tea and delicious treats.

A is wearing coat and shoes from Zara, dress by Wilfred Free from Aritzia. *

D is wearing metallic shoes and gold hoops from Aldo (earrings), dress by Wilfred Free from Aritzia, sweater by Vero Moda and hat from Forever 21.*

*We’ll try to link clothes that are still available to buy when we can, we love a good sale so our clothes/accessories aren’t always stocked. 🙂

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Takashi Murakami- The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg

There is something to be said about the Vancouver Art Gallery. Nestled between modern buildings the VAG holds precious masterpieces that reflect the best of visual art across the globe.

My favourite exhibit thus far has been Takashi Murakami’s ‘The Octopus Eats It’s Own Leg’. This retrospective collection exhibits his growth as an artist and clearly illustrates his impact on global culture. Whether its his famous ‘Kanye Bear’ or my favourite ’69 Arhats Beneath the Bodhi Tree’, each work of art shows an array of  bright colors and intricate patterns.

I couldn’t get over the amount of detail! From afar the ‘Arhats’ seemed simple, however when you taker a closer glance the tiny details jump off the canvas. One should admire the patience Murakami puts into his masterful larger than life pieces.

Takashi Murakami’s exhibit is now showing at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in Texas.

P.S. When going for a monochromatic look, try different textures in the same color. It helps break up the visual field of your outfit! A, wears a vintage printed silk kimono, DIY’d blue chiffon skirt (it turned out OK lol) and blue lace heels.

An easy DIY


1 Denim jacket

1 Piece of chalk

1 Paintbrush (filbert or round head)

1 Tube of paint (we used Grumbacher from Michael’s in orange)

15 minutes of patience


1. First, find your jacket! I’m sure there are some great finds at your local consignment store #sustainablefashion.

2. Get your supplies.We went to our friendly Michael’s and bought chalk, a round paintbrush and acrylic paint by Grumbacher. If you can draw more than a stick figure, we suggest you show off your art skills. If you aren’t gifted in drawing (samsies), do something simple like your initials. Whatever makes you happy!

3. Find a flat surface for your DIY. Draw the outline of your masterpiece in chalk. Its easier to erase chalk than to cry about your failed DIY, trust us.

4. Take the plunge and dip your brush into that paint and start with short brush strokes. You may need to layer your paint, but allow a few minutes of dry time between layers.

5. Remember after the paint dries you may need to go over it with a blow dryer to ensure you seal the paint.