Gua-sha and Jade Rollers


We are self proclaimed skin care fanatics. Why shouldn’t we be when your skin is the largest organ in your body. We all know that signs of aging, stress, poor dietary choices and environmental factors manifest through our skin. That’s why we have an arsenal of skin care tools to ensure we help support our ever changing skin requirements.

Jade Rolling

For about 2 years we have routinely been rolling our skin with a jade roller. The premise is that the stone moves the accumulated fluid in your face. At times our faces get edematous from a variety of different reasons (too much salt usually for us). The repetitive rolling and cool temperature of the stone helps to decrease the puffiness which provides you with a new fresh face. Make sure you cleanse prior to rolling and apply your favourite oil/cream before so you can get a deeper absorption of nutrients (we use Ole Henriksen’s Pure Youth Oil). Roll the stone in 3 directions: diagonally, vertically and horizontally. The changing of directions will maximize the effectiveness. Remember to start from the centre of your face and move away. Also, apply the amount of pressure that feels comfortable. If you need a visual tutorial, take a look at D’s instagram (gilld_).

Gua Sha

A,  has been experimenting with another skin care tool called Gua Sha also referred to as Jade Scraping. In history, scraping has been used as a tool for lymphatic drainage. When the technique is applied to your face it can be used to treat headaches, brighten skin and sculpt facial features. Just like the roller above, wash and clean your face. Generally, for a Gua Sha session you want to apply a bit more of your serum because you want your tool to move smoothly across your skin. Next, angle the stone flush to your face, start from the centre of your face and move outward. Generally, the tool is shaped to sculpt the face. What’s most important is your apply a reasonable amount of pressure, just enough to allow circulation to your skin (a pink or reddish tint to your skin, like blushing). If you apply too much pressure you could possible bruise your face. Check out A’s Instagram for a short video (anoopg_).

Below are some links for the Gua Sha and Jade Roller: 

Sephora Jade Roller

Amazon Jade Roller

Amazon Gua Sha

Let us know if you like the results!

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